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Out of Africa

We are in the Southern Masai Mara and my tent is surrounded by Acacia trees with the savanna stretching away into the distance. When I wake in the morning the tent canvas flaps gently in the morning breeze and the birds begin to call. First light appears as I drink a cup of coffee and pack my cameras for the day.

Female Leopard, Kenya
Female Leopard close-uo

At 6m we set off to find lions or leopards and other wonderful animals that live in the African bush. Early morning is my favorite part of the day before it gets too hot, and many animals are out and the light for photography is good. I am on a photographic safari in Kenya and it is wonderful. I have been to East Africa a twice times before but this is my first visit to Kenya.

This morning we saw lions and then we had a wonderful leopard sighting. It is rare to see leopards out in the open for long, but this female was very relaxed. Elephants and giraffes grazed nearby, and beautiful birds were everywhere. We came back to camp in the heat of the day and will go out again in the evening for a few more hours.

This is a trip I have planned for a long time. For a biologist like myself African animals are fascinating. There are still so many large wild animals living free in their natural habitat and living and interacting in the same ways they have for thousands if not millions of years. As a photographer it is a great place to go to get wonderful shots and the light can be amazing.

Lilac-breasted Roller, Kenya
Lilac-breasted Roller


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