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Reflections on a Warming Planet

In March this year I was lucky enough to be invited to take part in the wonderful art exhibition held in LA in little Tokyo at the Artcore Centre. I was one of several environmental artists and photographers who are concerned about climate change whose work was displayed in this show. The curator was the wonderful Lucinda luuvas who has done so much work showcasing climate change through the visual arts.

I had three pieces in the show all from Svalbard in the High Arctic. They symbolize the rapidly melting ice in the area and the receding glaciers. These images show water cascading down into the ocean from these tall tongues of ice that are still attached to the land and in many cases can be hundreds of kilometers long. They are melting from the top and the bottom as the ocean warms as well as the atmosphere. Although ice has always melted to some extent in the summer in this region it has accelerated dramatically in recent years and these images symbolize the dramatic changes.


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